February 13 Birthday features


February 13 Birthday

YOUR SIGN - Aquarius

YOUR SYMBOL: The Water Bearer


YOUR RULERS - Uranus, Venus

Astrological Birthday Features

The February 13 Aquarius birth date identifies with a very hardworking individual, one who is dedicated to their beliefs and a person who will persevere with great drive and determination in order to achieve their ideals and goals in life.

As a February 13 you are by nature a natural teacher and one who will derive great pleasure and satisfaction from the passing on of your knowledge and experiences to others. 

You appear to have an inherent natural instinct in knowing what other folks are thinking plus, a powerful sense or foresight as to the final results of particular actions prior to a project or undertaking commencing. These arc very valuable attributes and ones that you can utilize to the benefit of those with whom you interrelate and interact during your life. 

You are not one to take sides in any conflicts between friends, but will prefer to refrain because you are fully aware that in order to of any effective help to such friend or friends you cannot become embroiled in the frustrated passions and desires that are generally form the basic cause or causes of the conflict at the outset. 

This preference to refrain from direct involvement can mean that you will often appear to be rather detached from the events and can give the impression to others that you are a somewhat cold and uncaring type of person. Unfortunately, this impression of course is the furthest from the truth. 

The planet Venus is the co-ruler over the February 13 birth date and is ever conscious of charity and the needs of humanity. Under such influence the February 13 benevolent ideas and ideals have need to be expressed. Don’t overlook however that in among those good works make sure that you give some real time and attention to your own joys and pleasures. 

Health wise the sign of Aquarius rules the factor of circulation, and as example, you may find that the sciences of acupuncture, massage or chiropractics can be an excellent method to support your health. 

Yellow and purple are colors that can harmonize the senses of opposition you may feel at times and the materials of wood opal and agate can provide an influence to energize your willpower. A substantial piece of clear quartz crystal within your home can inspire and help maintain your energy levels. 

On the home front, where possible select a house that has large spacey windows that look out onto woods or natural landscape in order to capture a real general outlook and atmosphere of light and space. 

Such environment will appeal to satisfy your inherent need or purity and clarity in your life and the views will support and encourage your appreciation and understanding of the natural world about you. 

Consider placing some unusual night-lights about the home. These might take the form of small flying creatures or perhaps of cartoon characters. Apart from their light appeal, their novelty aspect should appeal to your particular nature and if not, then certainly with any children.

Any form of novelty item that has a useful practical function is likely to appeal to your senses. 

In your outdoors scenario, it is high places such as mountaintops or skyscrapers that can stimulate both you mind and your imagination. Camp out in the wilderness and listen to the silence. Sleep on a carpet of pine needles beneath evergreen trees. 

The unexpected should appeal in your outdoor garden environment. As example you might enjoy the shaping of small shrubs in various designs, installing a trampoline or setting out acrobatic area for the children. 

During the winter season the building of snowmen or the creation of ice sculptures. Anything that is different and unusual can appeal to the February 13 nature. 

Place any outdoor garden furniture at the highest point in the garden or yard, This will allow you to sit back to enjoy the view, whether it be a study of your neighbor's or the beauty of a starlight night sky. 

Your special magic numbers are: 6 and 8 

The thirteenth day of the second month reduces to six and the number six is the number that represents harmony. 

There is a quality of selflessness about this path and inner peace is achieved when there is balance in the conscious and unconscious aspects of yourself. 

As example, because ordinary pursuits may longer hold glamour, there is a danger of dissatisfaction with the normal fruits of living. Don’t withdraw too far since you must still function in the outer world. Become a hospice volunteer or teach at a community college, learn sign language perhaps. 

The forty-fourth day of the year reduces to eight, and the number eight contributes the quality of reciprocity and the desire to enter the stream of life. 

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  Aquarius Birthday Features

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